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Give Meditation a Try!

Why is meditation worth it? The mind needs something to do! Meditation triggers a relaxation cycle in the body--it brings oxygen in and takes tension out--which changes the way you react to stress. Practically, meditation gives you a place to put your overactive mind when you're replaying events or feeling anxious about what's to come. Think of if as a healthy alternative to a stiff drink! There are different types of practices--some loose and some structured. Take an opportunity to try them and find what works for you. Once you get into it, meditation is like another tool you have in your wellness toolbox. You can use it anywhere, anytime, to calm and relax yourself and restart. When you meditate regularly, you'll find that the small irritations and big challenges don't hit you as hard as they used to; you're a little calmer and a little nicer. Try one of our weekly sessions!

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