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MyFit Breast Cancer Journey-Part 3: Faith

God told me before the doctors did. I'm constantly thinking of ideas and ways to help others using my skills. In August, as my body was doing things I'd never seen or felt before, I was meditating on an idea to provide wellness workshops to cancer patients. My best friend beat the "shenanigans" out of breast cancer as did my other best (male) friend; he kicked the "shenanigans" out of throat cancer. Both are blessings to me, and thank God, they are both still here! They were diagnosed within a couple of months of each other a few years ago; and I journeyed with them. I helped my bestie, along with our other besties and her family, emptying drains after her surgeries, sitting with her to make her laugh during chemo, trying to help find the foods to help minimize nausea and the sickness that comes with chemo, giving words of encouragement and support during radiation. She's doing well and living life now. I was Richard's primary caregiver. He was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and wasn't a smoker. He currently struggles with his airway and a fractured jaw with dying bone due to radiation. We have done a lot of research over the years and there is so much to know about survival during treatment and the questions we need to be asking...

It is because I was on the frontlines with these two beautiful humans and because of my grandfather before them, who passed away from complications of lung cancer, that knowledge has to be shared. When my grandfather was ill, I didn't have the knowledge that I do now. I am disgusted that he was was told to drink Ensure (full of sugar and other "shenanigans" that cancer loves to cling to! Whew! Let's save that for another blog.

Flashforward to the beautiful topic of faith and to my story. In the previous blog, I mentioned I'd been taking myself to a higher level of life and staying consistent with my personal yoga practice, with taking meditation to the next level, and in growing my faith. When I brought the wellness workshops idea before God and prayed for help and clarity, the answer poured through my cells like olive oil pouring from the most beautifully etched and decorated Italian oil spout. I looked up to Him smiling and laughing and said, "Wait...Ohhhhh are you serious? Are you saying that I must go through my own wellness program before it is even created. I said, "Wow! It all makes sense now." And when I tell you, I did not fear...! I had no fear! All I felt was relief because the message to me was, "Trust Me. I will get you to the other side, and from this, you will have all that you need to help fulfill My next purpose for you." This was August, I had not been diagnosed with cancer. At this point no one saw anything wrong with me except me, and now it was confirmed by God. Even before this particular moment with God, I told a lot of people closest to me that I believe I have cancer. They all told me to stop claiming it, and I couldn't get them to understand how strong my intuition had been this entire time, nor the magnitude of this moment with God. I cannot put into words what I felt and still feel when I think about it, talk about it, write about it. I just laugh and cry at the same time and say thank you for your promise. For the first time in my life, I gave it to Him and did not take it back. You know how the old gospel songs say, "leave your troubles at the altar"--and then as soon as we stop listening to the sermon, we pick the troubles up again and worry some more. I did not this time. I didn't question. I just said, "Ok, Lord."

When I heard the words, "You have cancer," come from my nurse navigator's mouth, I said, Ok. She asked if I needed a moment. I said no, I do not (because I already knew). My next question was: What comes next?

My family thought I was going crazy because the old Tammy would've been rolling around on the floor in disbelief; yet, I was calm. I was faithful. I got myself into this cancer mess, and with God's help, I had to get myself out of it. I went to work! I wanted to become a cancer killer!

Do you have a testimony of faith? Let's chat! Look for the next blog soon and read on to learn more about my journey. Reach out for questions or just to say hello. Thanks for reading!

I'm ready to help you! If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a condition and you need support, need help executing your medical health plan, need help navigating which questions to ask, interested in knowledge regarding natural herbal supplementation during treatments, which foods may help, etc. I will help you gather the knowledge, skills, and tools and confidence you need to fully participate in your own care and well-being.

Disclaimer: Although I am fascinated by the human body-especially the human brain; and although I have happily and excitedly spent years on learning, training, and on certifications regarding the human body, I am not a doctor-I could be if I could just figure out how to get past the math parts of it all! Seriously, speak with your healthcare provider before changing your healthcare plan or nutrition plan or your exercise plan. I am just providing knowledge. MyFit is not, nor is anyone that I mention in my blog, videos, or in my sessions, responsible for your health. I am not advising you to put any of this information into practice. These are my thoughts, my feelings, my journey. If you choose to implement or try any of it, it is at your own risk. The people and ideas that I speak of will be things that I believe in as I am always true to myself.

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