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MyFit Breast Cancer Journey- Part 4: Know Your Options

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

I didn't take action for two days after my diagnosis call. I knew this was the turning-point. If ever I was at a fork-in-the-road, it was at this moment. I had to ask myself some crucial questions and I had to be crystal clear on my answers because although I love and respect my medical team for their knowledge, professionalism, and for their kindness, they only see my diagnosis and treatment through one lens, THEIRS. And they are coming fast and hard! They are doing their jobs at their very best. I was grateful for that. Shouldn't we all be the best at our jobs? In this moment, though, my job is ME! Questions I asked myself:

  1. How do you want to handle cancer and treatment?

  2. Do you want to take control of your health or do you want someone else to control your fate? Is your answer to this question based on your fears?

  3. What are your fears?

  4. Are you willing to give yourself a chance?

  5. How will you feel if you don't follow your gut?

  6. Do you want surgery, chemo, radiation?

  7. What are the pros/cons of conventional treatment? Of natural/holistic treatment?

  8. Will natural treatments be available to me? What are they? How much will that cost?

  9. I thought about my mother and my daughter...what are their thoughts?

  10. This is a lot. Where do I begin?

On the third day, I prepared my mind, body, and soul for war! In my soul, I did not want to do chemo or radiation. I remembered my conversation with God, I remembered to follow my gut, I remembered ME. It takes strength and knowledge to go against the grain, against the norm; but I know enough about the function of the human body to know what the "norm" would do to my body. These are extremely personal decisions between a patient and her family, if she wants to invite their opinions. I made my decision years ago when I helped my besties, and my decision is in no way a disrespect to them or to anyone reading this. This decision was about ME.

I began to drown myself in research and quickly knew I needed some help. I rarely ask for help-another lesson this journey is teaching me. Who else out there is like me? Who would understand my thinking? Who can help me begin? The first person that came to mind was Dr. Kristine Schmierer . She is a Maximized Living Doctor of Chiropractic. I know you are asking why I would contact my chiropractor about a breast cancer diagnosis. And if I didn't know her, I would probably ask the same! Knowledge is key. Not all chiropractors are created equally. I quickly realized that this doctor was not the "I had an accident-let me go get my back cracked-so I can get my insurance check" type of chiropractor. I know this is the vision that is implanted in many of us. I would soon learn differently.

I met Dr. K. two and a half years ago at an event that a friend of mine was hosting where Dr. K. was presenting, and I was there to promote MyFit. Before the event began, Dr. Kristine and I chatted for quite a while about all things health. We both realized that we are rare to care as much as we do about our overall health; and we both agreed it was great to meet like-minded people. I am an empath. I knew that she was special. During her presentation, I saw her passion and dedication in helping others to understand the connection between the brain, the central nervous system, and the functioning of our bodies based on the nerves' ability to communicate with the brain and all our other organs. And that communication is blocked when the there is subluxation of the spine. She had a floor to ceiling display of the human body and the nerves which flow from the spine to each of our organs. You know my love and amazement of the human body took over!

The most important thing that stands out to me about this group of doctors is that everything I believe in, in order to be healthy and to live life, they believe in. They view health holistically. They call it the 5 Essentials: Nutrition, Mindset, Oxygen & Exercise, Minimize Toxins, and Core Chiropractic. Except, I wasn't receiving chiropractic care; and it just so happens that my thoracic spine and neck had been bothering me for a year or more. HIIT (High Interval Intermittent Training) exercise is the most beneficial type of exercise for increasing oxygen levels (among many, many more benefits), and I love it; but it was taking its toll because I wasn't taking care of my spine; or, I'm learning now, that it may have been my nerves in that area working overtime to try to heal the breast area, causing misalignment in the process. After that event, I now understood the importance of taking care of my spine, and I made an appointment.

As we all should, I kept my antennas up to ensure that I was in the right place with the right doctor for me in that moment. I listened and watched her demeanor with all patients, I watched the operation of the office. Dr. K. was amazing. The care that she took, her knowledge, her passion for living and teaching the 5 Essentials, her listening skills, all were what I needed. As she received me as a new patient, I could not go to her as often as I wanted or as often as was recommended. But, as a divorced school teacher with a college student, I didn't have the spare funds which had been one of the sources of stress for me for a few years; yet, it was all the more reason why I needed more care. I just couldn't afford it. Rather than her saying, I'm sorry I can't help you unless you follow the plan, Dr. K. said a wellbeing adjustment is better than none and at least your immune system and body will have some power vs none at all. That meant the world to me. She did tell me, though, that I needed corrective care, especially for my cervical spine (it was a mess in there, and I felt it).

A year or two ago, Dr. Kristine hosted a workshop (she hosts many on various topics regarding the 5 Essentials and more) that contained a segment about cancer and its causes. I am grateful that I attended or I may not have been as calm and blessed to think as clearly as I am currently. I remember her telling us that she would define cancer and how it's formed, to keep us less fearful, if we or someone we love is diagnosed. In my own summary (it's been a while), cancer is a group of rogue cells that are symptoms, not a disease-a symptom that there is a "wound" inside of the body that needs to heal. These cells start out as healers, but then begin to duplicate at a rate that is too much for the immune and nervous system to manage. We need to view the cause as the cure. Not eating properly, not exercising (oxygenating cells), not sleeping, overload of stress, chemicals/toxins in the home (including medications), lack of chiropractic care...these could all be the cause of cancer and once we take control of the 5 Essentials, we can possibly prevent/cure the cancer. This workshop and my weekly conversations about my stress levels (early on) with Dr. Kristene came to mind, and helped me to view my cancer diagnosis with a different perspective.

Dr. K. was my "how do I get started." She was who I called for help. When I told her about the diagnosis, she didn't give me her opinion or her views, she simply asked me what I was thinking and what I wanted to do and she waited. When I told her my plan, without judgment, she was able to use it to help me with some resources to call, to read, to search. A lot of these I found to be actual doctors who had the same diagnosis as I had and fought holistically. Know your options.

I went to work!

Disclaimer: Although I am fascinated by the human body-especially the human brain; and although I have happily and excitedly spent years on learning, training, and on certifications regarding the human body, I am not a doctor-I could be if I could just figure out how to get past the math parts of it all! Seriously, speak with your healthcare provider before changing your healthcare plan or nutrition plan or your exercise plan. I am just providing knowledge. MyFit is not, nor is anyone that I mention in my blog, videos, or in my sessions, responsible for your health. I am not advising you to put any of this information into practice. These are my thoughts, my feelings, my journey. If you choose to implement or try any of it, it is at your own risk. The people and ideas that I speak of will be things that I believe in as I am always true to myself.

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