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MyFit Breast Cancer Journey Part 6: The War

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

I fought while I waited. In the 5 weeks between diagnosis and surgery, I combed the list of holistic doctors and suggested readings and sites provided by Dr. Kristine as well as some others discovered from the digging I'd done on my own. I made contact with a couple of the doctors on the list. I wanted to be well-rounded in my knowledge now more than ever. Dr. V of is a two-time survivor who fought holistically and without surgeries (also a chiropractor). She has done tons of research over two decades and she and her team of doctors and scientists have created various supplements to help fight and prevent breast cancer. One such supplement is Brocco Power which contains sulforphane. Sulforaphane is a chemical found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, sprouts and kale. This compound is a potent inducer of protective enzymes that provide defense against cancer-causing chemicals. Researchers have discovered that sulforaphane can halt human breast cancer cells in their tracks and have identified a new mechanism of action for the compound. I also began adding a master blend of mushroom powder to my diet (in my teas) called Om, which contains 10 species of mushrooms and adaptogens. Finally, I added a chlorella/spirulina powder daily as I'd only been adding it occasionally. The fight begins at the cellular level. Healing begins at the cellular level.

Dr. Veronique has a 7 Essentials program. Because of my profound personal nutrition and exercise journey and lifestyle, I did not need her coaching program; however, I did read her book, and again, purchased a couple of her supplements. She discusses the impact that stress, emotions, and thoughts (the psyche in general) have on the body at the cellular level. Stress and possibly chemical toxins (cleaners, lotions, soaps, etc.) were top on my list of causations of my current status. I had been working on both, diligently, over the last three years. I began using plant-derived deodorants, found other body and skin care products with less cancer-causing agents, changed my pots and pans, invested in glass storage bowls, and much more. But, I still had work to do!

During my own research on the mind and disease, I found Dr. Joe Dispenza who just happens to be a chiropractor. His post graduate training also includes neuroscience and neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and mind-body medicine. Dr. Joe healed himself with his mind many years ago after a devastating biking accident where he was hit by a car which broke his back in several different places. He refused the many surgeries that were to come and he was told without the surgeries, he would never walk again or may never walk again regardless of surgery. Once he healed himself (and fully recovered in 12 weeks) with meditation, Dr. Joe dove into neuroscience, and he now has a team who helped him create healing programs based on brain/heart coherence. I wanted to retrain my brain to better deal with stress and to continue on the meditation path that I'd been creating for myself; therefore, I enrolled in his program, The Formula. If you want to know the science behind it all, he shares it. You can also watch his documentaries on Gaia.

Meditation takes practice, time, and patience. It doesn't happen overnight, but if you are willing and ready for change, meditation will change your life for the better-not only with healing, but also with the basic functions of daily life. Give it a try. I will be glad to help coach you. It has worked for me. Remember, it's not just about the term "meditation", it is about properly breathing for your life, literally, and allowing the breath to oxygenize each and every cell, tissue/organ in the body. During the last few years of my school teaching career, the stress was unbearable. Each day, my watch would alarm me that I was not breathing and/or that my heart rate was at 95, just standing still! I resigned to save my life.

I read The Cancer Killers by Dr. Charles Majors. He asserts that "the cause is the cure" and we can prevent, beat, and survive cancer by finding the cause. My experience has shown me that not many doctors discuss the cause to prevent or to find a cure, but they are readily willing to mask the cause and flood the body with medicines with the hope (not a promise) that the cancer doesn't return. Dr. Majors outlines the steps we can take to make our lives better.

I found a local chiropractor, Dr. Cory Hennessey, to begin corrective care. He is the male version of Dr. K! How could I get so lucky? Nothing is a coincidence. It was supposed to happen. Turns out, they were trained by the same network of care. He is phenomenal as well. After reviewing my x-rays, he asked if my tumor was on the right side, and I said, "Yes! How did you know that?" Based on the issues in my neck, it is possible that the lack of nerve communication to the right breast could be a culprit. Our tissue needs nerve/brain communication in order to stay alive and to fight invaders. When not properly cared for, disease and tumors can sneak an attack.

I often tell my clients, and all people who will listen, that the body has trillions of cells which all rely upon each other to properly function. If we do not do our duty to keep our bodies properly functioning, a breakdown is inevitable. From that, I hear, "Well, we all have to die of something." Yes. We all will die, but we were not granted our bodies to abuse them or to take them for granted. We must do our part. It is not easy, but it's the only vessel in which we have to live. After all, the body houses the soul. Rage a war (not literally) to protect it!

We can begin with knowledge. When we know better, we can do better.

Disclaimer: Although I am fascinated by the human body-especially the human brain; and although I have happily and excitedly spent years on learning, training, and on certifications regarding the human body, I am not a doctor-I could be if I could just figure out how to get past the math parts of it all! Seriously, speak with your healthcare provider before changing your healthcare plan or nutrition and exercise plan. I am just providing knowledge. MyFit is not, nor is anyone that I mention in my blog, videos, or in my sessions, responsible for your health. I am not advising you to put any of this information into practice. These are my thoughts, my feelings, my journey. If you choose to implement or try any of it, it is at your own risk. The people and ideas that I speak of will be things that I believe in as I am always true to myself.

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