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MyFit Breast Cancer Journey Part 2: Pay Attention (Your Intuition)

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Intuition is that deep sense of already knowing something without your brain's analyzation. Also known as that "gut-feeling." Instincts. The things you can't explain. That "feeling." For those readers who are currently thinking, "Oh no. Here comes the "woo woo" craziness," there is neurological research out there in "the cloud" if you need to rationalize your intuition with a scientific explanation. Everyone has access to their intuition, but many never activate it or follow it. I urge you to follow your intuition, especially regarding your health.

I am an empath. I've known it since childhood; hence, the reason I've dedicated my life to helping others. Most times, I have allowed this precious intuitive ability to guide me, for it is wise. However, there have been times in my life over the last decade when I didn't listen. When we don't listen, we lose the conscious connection with our souls and begin to act solely using the mind. When we are not aligned with our souls we may feel unhappy, regretful, frustrated, unfulfilled, tired, depressed, angry, among other emotions. Examples of not following intuition or aligning with your soul may be staying in a relationship that your gut tells you: this "isn't right", or staying in a job that kills your spirit because the bills must be paid.

I've always been attuned to my body. The past 18 months began a focus on better aligning myself with my soul. Through deeper meditation, my senses grew even more heightened. In March, of this year, my intuition (gut) told me I should cut back on my wine. Dry reds are my only drink of choice when I consume alcohol. Some studies show that it's a good source of resveratrol, a polyphenolic compound which has potential anti-inflammatory effects that results in the reduction of cytokines overproduction (small proteins important in cell signaling) and the slowing down of neutrophil (a type of white blood cell) activity when used moderately. I was consuming more than my usual one glass of wine in the first few months of this year. The intuition was strong enough for me to "wake up" my thinking. Soon after that "gut feeling", I had a dream that (upon analyzation) revealed a warning about health. I cut back on drinking wine, but I did not stop drinking completely. Around that same time, I noticed a few brown discoloration spots forming on my torso, below the liver area. Because I gained a little knowledge about Ayurvedic medicine in yoga school and from researching the practice over the years, I felt because of where the spots were located, something was going on with the liver. The doctor first thought the area of concern may be from sweating within the waistband of my leggings; however, as the summer months came, more spots popped up near the lymphatic systems of my body. When I was referred to a dermatology specialist and the areas were biopsied, she informed me that it was a skin-related autoimmune reaction, most likely created from stress, but mostly seen in some people who take certain blood pressure meds. The latter did not apply to me, but it is true that there had been an unexpected death in the family, among other life things, and I was beyond stressed. To this day, none of my doctors can confirm that the reaction was my body screaming, "Let these rogue cells out! We're being attacked." But, intuitively, I knew; I can confirm.

April was supposed to be my scheduled mammogram, but my intuition told me to ignore scheduling it. I didn't schedule it, which is typically not me. In June, my mind told me we should schedule the mammogram, and I did. My intuition said, cancel it. I listened, and I canceled it without questioning myself, because I pay attention. It was September, two days before my move to FL, when I scheduled the mammogram. This is when the small mass was discovered. In October, I flew back to Charlotte for a biopsy. The doctors estimated the tiny mass had probably only been visible 4-5 months. Had I scheduled the mammogram in April, the mass most likely would not have shown up. My intuition said wait.

Pay attention to your intuition. In the early summer of this year, I noticed I was sleeping longer in the mornings and falling asleep on the couch earlier than usual, in the evenings. I go hard all day, and I know my body gets tired; but, I typically stay energized. Don't get me wrong, it felt good to sleep in; however, that is atypical for me. I took a mental note and added to all else that was happening; and I knew something was not quite right.

I put the wine down. I quit drinking. My intuition urged me to. My annual check-up was approaching in July; and for the first time in my life, I was excited to go because I needed to know what my blood work results looked like (nerd alert). Before I could get home from my appointment, the bloodwork results were in my online chart. My jaw dropped! In all my life I have never had a health issue or questionable blood work result; but in this moment, I could not believe the results that were before me. Too many white blood cells, red blood cells are few and distorted, liver enzymes high, and more. I study and research every piece of bloodwork each year...well because who better to take control of navigating my health, than me? I believe I sat in the parking lot of my development for 30 minutes before I could get my mind right. I immediately messaged my doctor and told her there is something wrong as this bloodwork is off the charts. Please contact me as soon as possible for guidance and next steps. It was know what that means...She did message me back though. She said to give it two weeks as the body may be fighting something (that's what the immune system does for us as we go about our daily business-it fights...IF it's clear of interference (that's a whole other blog post!). In two weeks, I went back to do bloodwork again. No change. This was not my blood. Healthy Tammy was wondering who infused her with someone else's blood!

My doctor referred me to a hematology/oncologist in August. He did four specific types of blood tests for cancer. All were negative. He ran the regular blood test (a CBC) again, and it showed the numbers were climbing just a little; but, he said to monitor it every couple of months or so to ensure the numbers are still climbing to normal. He said, "You're ok. Your counts are looking better. Just be sure to monitor." I didn't feel "OK." I know my body. It was not ok.

I invite you to become attuned to your body. Your intuition will save your life...will change your life...will bring peace to your life...will guide your life. If you need a coach to assist you, please contact me. Keep coming to back to my blog to learn more about my journey, my faith, my new knowledge, what I've changed, and more.

I'm ready to help you! If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a condition and you need support, need help executing your medical health plan, need help navigating which questions to ask, interested in knowledge regarding natural herbal supplementation during treatments, which foods may help, etc. I will help you gather the knowledge, skills, and tools and confidence you need to fully participate in your own care and well-being.

Disclaimer: Although I am fascinated by the human body-especially the human brain; and although I have happily and excitedly spent years on learning, training, and on certifications regarding the human body, I am not a doctor-I could be if I could just figure out how to get past the math parts of it all! Seriously, speak with your healthcare provider before changing your healthcare plan or nutrition plan or your exercise plan. I am just providing knowledge. MyFit is not, nor is anyone that I mention in my blog, videos, or in my sessions, responsible for your health. I am not advising you to put any of this information into practice. These are my thoughts, my feelings, my journey. If you choose to implement or try any of it, it is at your own risk. The people and ideas that I speak of will be things that I believe in as I am always true to myself.

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