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MyFit Mind Body Soul Relaxation Tea (sample pack)

MyFit Mind Body Soul Relaxation Tea (sample pack)

Healthy sleep allows the body to do those unseen and unrealized processes that keep us healthy. Sleep is also essential to recharge your body and your mind. Relax your mind, body, and soul with our organic caffeine free Relaxation Tea. The selected blend of natural herbs-chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, and linden-is created with love and positive vibrations for your healing and rest. These herbs are celebrated for their powers to bring calm and relaxation. Steep one tablespoon in an 8 oz cup of boiling water and see for yourself!  


Whether you are a cancer patient who isn't resting well due to all of the obvious reasons or you are simply in need of a peaceful night's rest after a long day at work, or maybe you are experiencing anxiety-you are likely to rest well with this nervous system supporting tea. (If you are seeking herbal support for anxiety, one to three cups daily may be helpful.) 



* Contains 4 servings 

* Can be purchased as loose leaf or with tea bags

* Quality teas can last up to a year or longer. 

* Keep tightly sealed in a dry dark space, like a cabinet, for best results. 

  • Your Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is important to us! If you have followed preparation instructions, yet you are not pleased with the product, please contact us within 10 days and we will exchange for another product or one of our services. No refunds. 

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